She dressed all in black

We meet in Toronto, where she lives, and in the time we spend talking she accosted by no fewer than four acolytes. Holding court seems to be her default mode.She dressed all in black, her white grey hair in a stiff corona, and her fearsomely lively eyes are an engaging contrast with that slow and slightly supercilious voice.Atwood is about to publish MaddAddam, the third novel of a dystopian, futuristic trilogy that began with Oryx and Crake in 2003 and continued in 2009 with The Year of the Flood.The “flood” refers not to water, but to a man made catastrophe, an almost comically gruesome pandemic that causes human bodies to deliquesce like “raspberry mousse”.In MaddAddam, the story follows Toby and Ren, two women who finds themselves in an environmental Christian sect called God Gardeners.I suggest to Atwood that if she were a God Gardener, she be like Toby and welcome the eco lifestyle while resisting the dogma. “That tends to be my stance in life,” she responds, drily.My favourite creation within the huge world she imagined are the pacifist Crakers, a biogenetically engineered humanoid species who eat grass, purr and glow blue.

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