The suspects fled the scene

His family all perished. Surviving on his own for a while, he was recaptured and shipped to Majdanek concentration camp, where he was one of only a few kept alive as a slave labourer. He volunteered as a mechanic, knowing nothing about it, and by bluffing on a test, ended up at the Skarzysko labour camp.

The suspects fled the scene and took off in a white colored sedan. Police say there was no cash in the registers at the time of the robbery.”Now it’s basically a process of gathering fingerprints and taking photos and gathering any other evidence that the suspects may have left behind,” says Sgt. Joe Ruvido, SDPD.The San Diego Police Department says there have been similar burglaries in the past two weeks at sunglasses and optical stores.

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He was slewfooted by Milan Lucic in an obvious goaltender interference play that somehow was allowed to stand because the refs decided Brossoit should have been scrambling to his feet while sniper Jeff Carter was lining up his shot. (That’s not how goaltending works, maybe somebody should inform the zebras.) He was beaten when a puck got tied up in Jordan Oesterle’s skate just outside the crease and nobody could find it until Andy Andreoff rammed if home. And he was beaten when Brayden McNabb’s 200 foot clearing shot hit the boards and died in the trapezoid, trapping the netminder out of his crease while Trevor Lewis recovered the disc, then circled the net and fired one past the scrambling ‘tender.

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