most fluid of athletes

Not the most fluid of athletes. Lack of foot speed and overall quickness will make running defenders off screens to get open more challenging. This also affects his on ball ability to get by athletic defenders, and create shot opportunities. Most improved is Atlanta, looking destined for a playoff run if it can get by Carolina in its own division. Both are 3 0 and won’t meet until December, when they clash twice within a three week period.No momentous showdowns on Sunday’s schedule but some games will reveal more about would be contenders while others involve desperate teams trying to right the ship and save their seasons. Coming off consecutive losses to possible Super Bowl teams Broncos and Packers.

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The game is slower in large part

Jhuck 80 wrote:Typical Lax Dad wrote:The game is slower in large part because there is very little unsettled play. In the old days there were a lot more turnovers and each possession was not as valuable. Possessions were cheap so teams could and would take more risk,both offensively and defensively.

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