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At the very least, I think it a wake up call to politicians to remain engaged with the electorate, or run the risk of being booted out at the next Federal election. After the primary votes from the 9 other candidates were distributed between Mrs Mirabella and Cathy McGowan). By comparison, Ms McGowan received 31.18% of the primary vote and 50.25% of the 2 candidate preferred vote..

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replica oakley sunglasses A throwback to an earlier, graffiti filled New York, the show opened with the Beastie Boys blaring in the background. Ms. Bailey spotted another trend, logos, noting that Alexander Wang’s collection the day before was full of them. Pence didn’t hesitate to defend the controversial candidate at the top of the GOP ticket. He defended Trump by trying to turn the focus back on Clinton, accusing her family’s foundation of accepting donations from foreign governments while she was secretary of state and slamming her over the private email server she used while in office. Pence argued that Kaine was a fitting running mate for Clinton because he had tried, but failed, to raise taxes while serving as Virginia Governor.. replica oakley sunglasses

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